AI Powered Visual Storytelling
Project Overview
3-day internal Pinata hackathon:  tasked with combining AI with the power of Pinata.

Our 4-person team built an AI storytelling solution enabling customers to prompt the AI for a story as well as generate associated images.
My Contributions
- Lead Product Designer
- Co-lead Visual Design
- Product Manager
Use Cases
- Content Creation
- Marketing Campaigns
- Content Sponsorships
- Education

Final Designs

Enter an idea about the story you’d like to generate.
Without the 3-day design and build time constraint,  I’d update this screen to reduce the cognitive effort on users as the articulation barrier and text effort is high with prompt-based interfaces.In order to do this, I’d create categories of story types users can pick from ( e.g. marketing, education, new product launch, etc.) as well as the general sentiment (exciting, motivating, comical, etc.). With this hybrid interface (GUI + Prompt),  all the user needs to enter is the context.
Pinata SubmarinePinata Submarine
Zineverse: AI Powered Visual Storytelling
Create unique, shareable 4 panel stories with the help of AI.
Product Designer, Researcher, Product Manager
3-day company hackathon
🥈 Second place out of nine teams.
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